Monday, July 28, 2014

South Kensington

If London weren’t so beautiful, I probably wouldn't have the same relationship I do with it. This city is literally a breath fresh air from my previous home on the island of Manhattan. Mostly because, it is exceptionally clean city and the public transportation is on point (double decker buses are my transportation mode of choice).

Waiting for the Bus Towards Oxford Circus
Having never been to London before this, the only expectations I had was based off of what others had told me about the city. Everyone said that I would have an amazing summer and now that I have settled in I would be lying if I said say they weren’t right. Between studying at the London College of Fashion and the location of my summer flat in South Kensington with Hyde Park as my backyard, I am one lucky student.

Hyde Park Gate Flat
The flat we live in is probably my favorite part about the Londoner lifestyle. It is a Victorian style townhouse neighboring Kensington Palace. Yes I said Kensington Palace, where Kate Middleton and Prince Charles call home. I strongly believe that your living situation will determine the experience you have in a new place, because it ultimately sets the tone. So, I am very fortunate to have found comfort in my new home, and I can thank Drexel and FIE (Foundation for International Education) for making that possible.

Our Room
Yesterday for example, I was walking down Kensington High Street and admiring the architecture of all the homes with the modern shops and restaurants below them. My favorite restaurant in the area is called Memories of India it has been here decades. I actually just went there today and ordered the Vegetable Masala with Garlic Naan bread; it is my favorite dish in the house! You may or may not know this, but London is known for their Indian restaurants and to be honest it is over saturated it with them. But, this particular gem is actually worth going to, the food is prepared fresh (not overwhelming with spices) and the ambiance is cool, calm, and collective.

Aside from my neighborhood, I have found that living in London is the gateway for traveling around Europe. Just to name a few, I love how accessible Paris, Spain, and Germany are. With that said I have really taken advantage of traveling and I will share these experiences with you in the posts to come.

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