Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Street Style: London vs. Paris

Paris is supposed to be the center of fashion, but while I was there I did not see one outfit that stood out to me.  None were innovative or really blew me away.  During my short time in the city, I gathered that Parisians tend to aim for a more plain and classic style.  They wore clothing that was versatile and was what most stores would classify as “basics.”

London street style varies greatly.  You never know when you are going to see someone who is smartly dressed in a suit or an older woman with hot pink hair.  London style is all over the place, and during fashion week, is the city where trend spotters can recognize the next big trend before it goes global.  Not everything you see people wearing is going to become wildly popular.  Londoners where what they believe looks good, and for some it is rebellious, while for others it is just plain unusual.  One time I saw an older man wearing boxers, no shirt, socks with sandals, and a hat that said “swag” casually walking around in the financial district.  Street style here is unpredictable, exciting, and in my opinion, much better than in Paris. 

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