Sunday, July 20, 2014

London, the city full of Life

As I have completed about 5 weeks of my program at the London College of Fashion, I have wanted to post, but have found myself enthralled in the hustle and bustle of the London lifestyle. Having already traveled to Paris, and Amsterdam I have been busy with schooling and traveling around Europe. I am excited to finally share my stories and love of London with everyone. When I decided to study at Drexel University I promised myself that no matter what, I would make it my mission to study abroad. When I was presented with the opportunity to study at the London College of Fashion in the Summer I knew this was perfect for me.

My love for London is not really explainable in words, but I will try my best! From the second I arrived at the doorstep of my amazing flat, I knew that this city was going to make me fall in love, and I have done just that. The people, the street style, and the outlook on life, is so different and more dynamic then what I am used to. I have developed such a deep connection with the city, which I think you will find in my later posts. At school we are being taught by professors that are actually working in the industry, as well as teaching us. We are being taught by so many amazing professors that have so much knowledge and experience to offer, and their enthusiasm is inspiring. One of our teachers is a celebrity stylist, who has worked with people such as Cara Delvevinge, and the Kardashians to name a few. The fashion in the city and love of self-expression is enthusing and so unique. The city has something that captures everyone who comes into and brings so many people back time and time again.

So far in London, I have made it my mission to see as much as possible and try not to waste a single day, as there is so much to do and see in this amazing city. In Philadelphia, I will be honest, it is not my favorite thing to visit museums, but in London it has become one of my desired things to do. I have seen the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Barbican and it was amazing to see my personal favorite, Madonna and Kate Moss pieces, designed by Gaultier. I have also visited the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery where it is actually a very cool experience to see the pieces that we study in Art History. I know that Art History is not the most fun class but to actually see the compositions in person that we study is an amazing experience that I didn’t think would mean that much until I actually saw them in person. In my later posts I will share more as to what I have experienced and places I have been in detail! Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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