Friday, September 5, 2014

Venice, Italy

I loved the Italian Riviera so much that any place I went next would be hard to compete with. That is probably why visiting Venice, Italy was not my favorite. Please don’t get me wrong Venice is a remarkable city and there is nothing else like it in the world, but I lacked a personal connection with it. Nevertheless my best friend and I made the best of our stay even though she felt the same way.

We both just were not happy with the amount of tourists the city had. Our hotel was in the very center of the city by San Marco Piazza, where all the tourists gather day and night. It was August in Italy, I don’t know what else I could have expected since the entire country goes on vacation then.

Anyway, we just journeyed our way through the small Venetian streets, shops, and restaurants and my favorite night was when we were walking back from our hotel and there was a live orchestra playing the Titanic theme song. I guess that is another reason why I was not too fond of Venice, aside from the Titanic song; it was way too romantic for two friends to be experiencing together! We just did not fit in with the millions of couples holding hands. In order to cope with this we actually went back to the hotel and watched Dear John to fill the void.

I also was not to happy with the Italian food, Cinque Terre had far better cuisine. I think because the city is oversaturated with pasta/pizza restaurants, it was hard to find high quality taste. In conclusion, I probably wouldn’t go back to Venice anytime soon, but if I had to it would be with a significant other.

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