Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beautiful Ibiza

The next trip that was on my best friend's and I’s radar was to make it to the Spanish island Ibiza. I have been hearing about all the great DJs/parties that take place on this island for years now and I was determined to get myself on a plane to go. One of my good family friends from actually lived there for about three years previously and happened to be going the same weekend as we were, which was nice because we had someone to show us around.

            The plane ride to Ibiza was on for the books; we were on Ryan Air which is one of the less expensive airlines so there were lots of students on board. Once we took off the duty free alcohol bottles were taken out from under the seats and passed around- the party had already begun! I have never in my life seen so many young kids on a plane, the energy was really young wild and free. Once we landed and stepped outside I knew right away I was in Spain, the warm weather, smell of the sea, and Spanish-speaking people engulfed me.

            Ibiza is interesting because a majority of the island operates on touristic attractions, which just so happens to be the music industry. For example, when we were driving out of the airport there were countless signs for David Guetta, Tiesto, and Avicci concerts going on. That weekend we enjoyed a lot of techno from the day parties, birthdays, and music festivals it was the true Ibiza experience.

            To be quite honest though, it was not the nightlife that made this one of my favorite trips in Europe thus far, it was the land itself. The beaches were absolutely incredible, especially in the northwest part of the island. I was blow away by the massive cliffs and coves that sat nicely next to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. We rented a car so it would be easier for us to explore the land, and it was one of the best things we could have done. Because we drove through some smaller villages, ate at organic restaurants on top of cliffs, and the saw the old town. Words can’t describe how much I fell in love, so hopefully these pictures will.

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