Friday, September 5, 2014

Cinque Terre

My favorite vacations are those by the sea. Probably because I grew up in Florida and have very fond memories of my time spent on beaches. Luckily my best friend was on the same page as me and when we had a week off from school we decided to find places to visit by the Mediterranean Sea. 

After our time in Monaco was over we rented a car and drove along the French Riviera to the Italian Riviera. Our final destination was Cinque Terre, which is made up of five different villages (Monterrosso, Vernazza, Riomagiore, Corniglia, Manorola). We booked a small villa to stay at in the village of Monterosso. This was the perfect location for what we wanted, it was set up in the mountains about a 20 minute walk down to the beaches. 

Basically our days consisted of waking up in the morning having breakfast and then walking down to the village. We explored the authentic shops and restaurants set in these colorful buildings, then spent some time laying out in the beaches.

Since this is a very rugged area, we weren't able to drive our car into each of the villages, but instead we took the train from one village to another. It was a very intriguing place that had a lot to offer with it's nature. After visiting the villages, we would hike up the hill to go back to our villa, which was always exhausting but nevertheless a great workout. Cinque Terre is known for hiking, so if you are adventurous and have experience you could have a lot of fun here. It was a vacation that kept us relaxed in the sun and we couldn't have asked for anything more! 

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