Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monte-Carlo Life

Next stop was Monaco, a principality located on the French Riviera. Monaco is governed by a constitutional monarchy and as I am sure many of you would know this is where  Grace Kelly of Monaco, a true fashion icon moved to marry her prince.  I chose to travel to Monte Carlo which is the largest quarter of Monaco because it is where most of the action happens. We rented a hotel room at Port de Fontvieille, which was a little out of the way from the beaches and shops, but was beautifully secluded and still central.

 The first day we arrived my friend and I went straight to the beach! This was after we had finished our courses at LCF so we were ready for a break and deserved one. The beaches in Monaco aren’t your typical white sandy areas to layout and enjoy the water at. Actually, the sand is made out of shells and most people chose to rent beach chairs instead of building sand castles and laying out on a towel. My friend and I started this habit of falling asleep on the beach back in Ibiza and Monaco was no different. As soon as we rented a chair we passed out and we could only hope that we put on sunscreen before. Late on, a friend met us on the beach because he too was on vacation and his father lives there year round. Usually this is the type of living situation in Monaco is common, a family owns a home that they live at part of the year mostly because in this principality you do not have to pay taxes.

Anyway, we had the luxury of having my friend take us around Monaco by night, which is stunning, the entire city lights up. We walked around by the casino which is another iconic landmark where many movies had been filmed and ate lots of gelato. The next day we spent at the beach some more and then walked around town. Monaco is also known for their shopping which we planned on doing some of, but decided to opt out of it because the cheapest thing you could buy was a key chain from Louis Vuitton. This principality is known for luxury, almost everyone that lives there owns a yacht and enjoys the high-class lifestyle, it is in their upbringing. Therefore, this was interesting to see and experience for a few short days at least!

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