Thursday, September 4, 2014

School in Paris

It was definitely interesting and an experience in itself to go to a university in a new city, more specifically Paris. While in Paris, I attended FIE.
Foundation for International Education (FIE) 
Paris is one of the major fashion hubs of the world, so I did except very heavy fashion influences in the courses in school. One of our professors was definitely educated in fashion and many times our class discussions circled around it, but as for the others it was not very fashion forward. I took three courses in Paris including: Fashion and Luxury Goods Marketing, The French Wine Business, and Survival French. These classes really prepared me to learn about the French lifestyle and culture as a whole. The Fashion and Luxury Goods Marketing class was the most fashion oriented class, obviously, and the professor knew a lot on the subject. She talked about so many different brands and the specific marketing tools they use that makes them unique. We watched videos about different companies and did projects on them as well. I think this was educational for students that are not fashion majors as well because they learned how these successful companies got to where they are, and that is in a luxury market. It is important to know and understand these skills to apply them to any company, not just in fashion or not even just in luxury. The French Wine Business course was more for the purpose of understanding the culture in France, which as many know is wine. People in France really love their wine and they have a very good understanding of it. They drink wine almost everyday and this is because they truly love and appreciate it. I think this was a very good course for American students to take since we are not brought up with the same experience of wine like the French. Lastly, the Survival French course was about the basics of the French language, pretty self-explanatory. It gave us the opportunity to really navigate ourselves around Paris and understand enough to get by. I personally learned that when analyzing the French language, it is not that beautiful after all. I think the whole idea of Paris and it's romance is what makes people French is a beautiful, romantic language.  

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  1. The Paris experience seems so fun and beneficial. During my time at Drexel, I really hope to be able to study abroad-- especially in Paris.