Friday, September 5, 2014

Fashion in London

Of course, London is one of the major shopping/fashion cities around the world. I was so excited to see the street fashions as well because I know the people there dress to the nines. It was definitely obvious the first day I got out and about. It was very hot when we first arrived, beautiful weather, and everyone was outside. The women dressed very fashion forward, but even more surprising were the men. They all dressed very nice and seem to be conscious of the trends. I partially love this, but some girls do not. The London guys are typically in nice suits for work days. When dressed down, they usually can be seen wearing a short-sleeved button-up, buttoned all the way to their neck and a pair of trousers tucked at the ankle to show off their nice leather wingtips or chukka boots. They also typically have a long on the top, short on the sides hair cut.
Typical London male's outfit.
The women on the other hand, seem to dress in all ranges. They wear skirts or shorts, dresses or rompers, and etc. The vibe is a sort of an "I didnt try too hard" look, while they still are very on trend. The shopping is so great there, its hard not to be. Of course Harrods and Harvey Nichols provide amazing shopping for the more lavish customers, but the women on lower incomes do not have it so bad either. Everywhere you turn is a Zara, TopShop, or a boutique filled with affordable trendy items. It is hard to not spend all your money on clothes when they have so much available and the displays always change and draw you inside. They also have a lot of specific big shopping areas, such as Carnaby Street, Bond Street, Oxford Street, and Convent Garden. London is also booming with HUGE shopping malls to provide for all of your needs. The only issue I faced was that the clothes had prices in Pounds and Dollars and the conversion showed that I'd be spending more money on the items in Europe, as opposed to be buying them in America using USD. This was interesting to me that they showed the USD comparison right on the tags for the items. It sort of made me not want to buy things and I am sure other travelers would feel the same. Overall, the fashions in London were amazing and I got a lot of inspiration for my own style. 
Carnaby Street in London.

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