Monday, October 26, 2015

3 Ways to be the Ultimate Foodie

If you are looking for tips on how to be the best foodie out there, you've come to the right stomping(or shall I say chomping) grounds! It's only right that I follow up a coffee post with food because these guys are partners in crime.

Before we get to the photos, I'll share my Top Three Tips on How to be the Ultimate Foodie:

1. Get food
2. Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter photo of food
3. Eat it like there's no tomorrow

Annnnndddd there ya go! With these three tips, a bit of practice, and a camera of some sort(phones work as well) you'll be a foodie in no time!

Melbourne is known to be great foodie city. With a large variety of cuisines to choose from, you will never get bored (or be bothered buying McDonald's or Hungry Jacks-- Burger King if you're in the States). Melbourne also has tons of markets that feature good eats and local food trucks and businesses so you'll be supporting good people too!

Now to show the important stuff: FOOD

Gourmet Pizza with coriander, tomato, peppers, and avocado (Australian)

Cold Ramen with salad and miso soup (Japanese)

Belgian Waffle with strawberries, chocolate drizzle, and powder sugar (Australian/Belgian)

Rice Noodle Soup with spring rolls (Vietnamese)

Savory Pancakes (Japanese)
Original Japanese Savory Pancake with Mayo, coriander, and a special sauce (Japanese)

Pan-fried veggie dumplings (Taiwanese)

Salted caramel, popcorn, and marshmallow filled doughnut (Korean)

Yogurt braised Lamb neck with fennel puree and coriander

And now for the Honorary Street Art Post:




  1. Local foods are the best way to go when traveling. A good way to do that is by going to local markets or food trucks. By doing this, you can get a real taste of the city you're staying in. Food is an important part of culture when traveling. It is important to try new and different things in order to fully soak up the area you are living in. Trying new foods can also open you up as a person. Many people who learn to try new foods then learn to open up to new experiences. By trying new foods, you are trying out a new culture, a new way of living. The street art is also really interesting to look at. It is cool to see street art in different cities and places. All art tends to be unique to their own city or town. Art and food are two important aspects to experience while studying abroad.

  2. All of these pictures look so scrumptious! Everyone always says that when you go away you NEED to try the food. It is just such an important part of the culture on the country you are in. As for posting those pictures, it is a great way to get anyone jealous. My brother is cook and I always take the time to post a picture of his work, and of course give him credit for it, of course. I feel that food is just as important as art in a country's culture because food can be considered a part of art. It is art that uses one more sense, taste, but the visual aspect of food can be just as enticing. And that is where #foodspiration can come in handy!

  3. All this food looks delicious! I know when I travel to new places, one of the things I have to do is try all the different foods. It is such an important part in culture. It is a great way to learn about a different culture and how they live. I find it so interesting that every culture is so different cuisine wise. Trying new foods is a great experience and expands your taste.

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  6. This post makes me so hungry, in a good way! I love that all the food photographed are from different cultures and they are all different types of food. If you really want to be a foodie you definitely need to be open to trying a wide range of food, and this post really shows that. I also love the photography in this post. Posting food pictures on social media, especially Instagram, has become so popular and these photos are taken really well and show the art that went into making the dishes. This inspires me to go out and try something new!

  7. These pictures are incredible. One of my best friends actually runs a food instagram (foodporndaily1), and she has taught me the art of taking a good food picture and I must say, you do a great job. The angle and lighting is just right. I LOVE FOOD. My parents raised me to always say yes to trying something at least once, because the worst thing that could possibly happen is that I don't like it. A lot of people make fun of food social media posts, but in all honesty I think it's a cool way to find something new that you want to try, especially if you follow ones specific to your city or school. Gonna go get some food now, because this post made me STARVING!

  8. Reading this post and looking at all the pictures made me so hungry! The food looks amazing and makes me want to travel to explore all the different types of food in the world. After reading your tips on how to be a foodie, it made me realize I am already the ultimate foodie. The way you took the pictures made the food look appetizing, even if I didn't like an ingredient that was listed below the picture. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to discover new things. I know my favorite new thing to discover and try new foods and if I ever were to study abroad I am definitely going to try all new types of food (and Instagram pictures of them too).

  9. I really enjoy this lighthearted article because I have always been such a foodie!! I love traveling to new places and discovering the local favorites and hot restaurants in each location. Living in the city of Philadelphia is a foodie’s dream because this city is known for it’s diverse selection of tasty delicacies. It is filled with amazing restaurants, food trucks, and markets. We are definitely "foodie" city. However, studying abroad gives students the perfect chance to explore a foreign country and to immerse themselves with the local lifestyle. It also gives them the chance to become acquainted with the the local cuisine. The pictures above show a variety of different cuisines. I love how each dish represents different regions and cultures.