Thursday, October 1, 2015

MSFW: Emerging Runway 2

As a tribute to Fashion Month, I would like to share my Melbourne fashion experiences with you. Melbourne Spring Fashion week (MSFW) occurred about a month ago and it was such an experience! This was my very first official runway show and it was a night to remember.

MSFW 2015 was 7 days of complete fashion takeover in Melbourne Town Hall. However, runway shows were not the only events to be seen at. Events such as Shop the City, the Emerging Designer Market, Sketchbook, and various pop-up shops provided the opportunity for fashionistas to display their style and find the new must have pieces for this spring.

I attended the Emerging Runway 2 on Sunday, August 30th. The Emerging Runway is an opportunity for up-and-coming designers from various fashion schools  across Melbourne to display their work. The schools that were feature in this show were:
  1. Box Hill Institute
  2. Kangan Institute
  3. Holmesglen Institute
  4. RMIT School of Fashion & Textiles
  5. FashionMasters
  6. Whitehouse Institute of Design
Each school featured 3-6 students, each with 3 looks. Below are some of the photos I took at the show.

DISCLAIMER: Please excuse the quality of my photos, as I was seated a fair distance from the runway and at a rather awkward angle.

To redeem myself a little (until I can improve my fashion photography skills of course), I have also shared a video of the final walk. Also for highlights from the show, click here to check out a video created by MSFW TV. Enjoy!



  1. The fashion show looks like it was a blast. What is the street fashion like in Australia? Do you find it similar to fashion in the United States?

  2. It is quite similar to the states but I did notice was that there's a much larger emphasis on unique pieces from smaller boutiques. A lot of people I spoke to make it they're job to find small boutiques with eclectic items (they're often Eco-friendly as well) that can't be found at larger department stores and often have some impact on a specific cause.

  3. It was so interesting to read blog which is about the fashion show! Especially the videos that given at the end was enjoyable to watch. By looking so many new styles of design, it was really inspired me. I love some of the pieces in this show. And loving the fashion show! Thank you for sharing~