Friday, October 9, 2015

Speaking the Aussie Language

G'Day Mate! Today I will be sharing some Aussie lingo with you. Living with a host family has really given me experiences that I would have never gotten if I lived on campus-- like when I got swooped by a magpie but that's a different story for a different time(just google swooping magpies and you will understand my pain). ANYWAY, back to Aussie lingo. I'm sure many of you have seen this video (and if you haven't-It's a MUST)!

I've learned quite a few Aussie terms during my stay that have been helpful when speaking to my host family. Here are some of them:

G'day: Hello
Arvo: Afternoon
Bloke: Man
Bogan: a very uncouth individual
Uni: University
Mozzie: Mosquito
Doona: Bed cover; quilt; duvet
Devo: Devastated
Garbo: Garbage Man 
Rubbish: Trash; to criticize
Good onya: Well done
Hoon: a reckless driver
Postie: postman
Barby: barbecue 
Big night: an exhausting evening
Brekky: Breakfast
Dodge: untrustworthy; sketchy
Heaps: a lot
Mate: friend
Roo: Kangaroo
Ute: an open-backed pick up truck
Footy: Football; Aussie Rules (AFL)
Thongs: Flip-flops
Cheers: Thank you; Good-bye
Pram: Stroller
Trolley: Shopping cart
Docket: receipt; bill
Nappies: diaper
Fortnight: biweekly; every two weeks
"How are you going?": "How are you?"; "How are you doing?"
Cheeky: saucy; bold
Boot: The trunk of a car
Bench: counter top
"Up oneself":  To have a high opinion of oneself;cocky, over-confident
Bathers: Swim suit
Runners: Running shoes
Spewin': to vomit; angry
Sunnies: Sunglasses
Milk Bar: mom and pop shop; small convenience store
No Worries: Expression of forgiveness or reassurance
Pokies: Poker machine

Try using some of these terms for a day and see how you go!



  1. I just watched the whole video and I would love to try it out! However, maybe not here in Italy becuase then my american friends won't even understand me! I think the Aussie language is a lot of fun though and it's great to hear that youre already getting the hang of it! I'm sure it's still hard especially when they speak fast. After living in Italy for a month, it has made me realize how fast everyone speaks. The Italians like to combine their words as well so, it's extremely hard to understand them sometimes. I can't imagine how you feel because even thpugh they are speaking english, I'm sure it gets hard to follow sometimes! I can't wait to hear about more experiences you have throughout your time abroad!

  2. It is kind of hard to understand sometimes but I'm doing pretty good with it. My host sister laughs at me sometimes when I ask what certain words mean haha. But I'm glad I'm not the only person who notices that everyone speaks fast. I guess it's just a part of being fluent in a specific language.

  3. I think it's so amazing to travel abroad and learn the lingo of a new culture; it's part of the experience! After your time abroad, you'll be able to come home and integrate your learned lingo into your everyday speech. I love the list of lingo provided as well. It's so cool that arvo is afternoon and brekky is breakfast. I'm defiantly going to start using this lingo!

  4. It is always interesting to see the slang of another language even when its the same language you speak. Knowing the slang of other countries is always a good thing to learn because it gives you more understanding of the language and is very useful for avoiding embarrassing situations due to a misunderstanding. I was especially glad to see that this was Australian slang because i have been considering Australia as a place that I would like to study in.