Sunday, November 1, 2015

Confessions of a Thriftaholic

Hey guys! I hope you're doing well. I have a confession to make to you all on this fine day. Hopefully this won't change the way you think of me.

I, Jazmine Renee, am addicted to shopping.

BUT! I am not just addicted to any type of shopping. I am addicted to thrifting! I am a nifty thrift-er with frugal tendencies, so my favorite places to shop are local markets, thrift shops (called opportunity shops in Australia), and vintage markets. There is always something going on in Melbourne and it's super easy to find things to do no matter what you like. With that being said, it's been pretty easy for me to get my shop on!

I have attended a few different markets and they were very all different. Each market has a large number of stalls with various businesses selling unique products. I acquired some FABULOUS finds (probably more than I should have but that's okay) that range from soy candles to gorgeous, cozy sweaters that will prepare me for winter in the States.

Keep reading after the jump, if you want to know where I got these yummy goodies.

Also, please note that all prices are in Australian dollars (AUD), meaning the prices can vary depending on your location.

New thrift stores are like the gold at the end of the rainbow for me. Between market hopping, I found a few great thrift stores such as Vinnies, The Salvation Army, Retrostar Vintage Clothing, and Sacred Heart Opportunity Shop.

Round She Goes Market is a traveling vintage and pre-loved clothing market. Round She Goes creates an environment that makes it easy to support and find wonderful, unique local businesses. Round She Goes runs indoor markets in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne and has an extensive online marketplace. At this market I was able to interact with people who have an appreciation for unique merchandise at low prices.

1 Handbag, Kmart, $13
 2 Sunglasses, Rubi, $10
3 Necklace, Dotti, $3
4 Earrings, Round She Goes Market, $10
5 Hat, Kmart, $7
1 Shoes, The Salvation Army, $9.50
2 Hat, Retrostar Vintage Clothing, $25
3 Ear Cuffs, Lovisa, $5
4 Pants, Retrostar Vintage Clothing, $35
5 Necklace, Dotti, $3
 The Camberwell Market occurs every Sunday in the Camberwell section of Melbourne. This is another market that features stalls of assorted goods every week. There is no limit to what you will find at the Camberwell Market and if you get there pretty early that's when you'll find all the good things.
1 Scarf, Vinnies, $7
2 Soy Candles, Camberwell Market, $8 (med.), $4 (sm.)
3 Earrings, Round She Goes, $15
4 Earrings, Lovisa, $5 for set of 2
5 Aborignal painted vase, Queen Victoria Market, $5
6 Necklace and ring, Dotti, $3 and $5
7 Sunglasses, Rubi, $10
 The Queen Victoria Market is the hub for various markets, festivals, and food events. With a several sheds that can hold hundreds of vendors, the Queen Victoria Market is not to be missed when in Melbourne.
1 Sweater, Vinnes, $8
2 Fascinator, Op Shop, $15
3 Sunglasses, Camberwell Market, $15
4 Necklace, Target, $3.50
5 iPhone 5c case, Queen Victoria Market, $20
 Inquiring Mind: Jazmine, is that a wooden phone case you have?

 Me: Why yes my fellow shopper. It is. And it's handmade!

Its all about the little things in life

I know you guys are probably wondering why I bought a fascinator, but the story on that is coming in a few days so stay tuned.

Top bought in the US. Journal sold by Typo.

1 Faux Fur Vest, Take 2 Market, $2
2 Necklace, Lovisa, $7
3 A1 notebook, Camberwell Market, $3
4 Shorts, Ally, $15.99
Top bought in the US. Journal sold by Typo.
 The Rock N Relocation Vintage Archive sale was a massive sale hosted in Phillips Shirt Factory in  Melbourne, two blocks from Melbourne Central Station. The sale was hosted by Phillips Shirts because they have relocated to a new building and needed a little help clearing out their inventories. With a fabric sale on one floor and a vintage archive sale on the other, how could one resist?

1 Sketchbook, Riot, $10
2 Sweater, Rock N Relocation Vintage Archive Sale, $10
3 Aborignal painted vase, Queen Victoria Market, $7
4 Necklace, Sacred Heart Opportunity Shop, $8
 Now wait I know you guys think I'm crazy for that 4th item. Yes you read necklace, and no that was not a typo. But let me explain. I saw this necklace in the Sacred Heart Opp Shop and I loved the beads but I hated strongly disliked the necklace as it was. So I will be turning this former necklace into several pairs of earrings. Lets check out those  gorgeous beads up close.

*heart eye emoji*
While I will admit this isn't everything I've acquired, I will say its the best of what I have found in these various markets and thrift shops. If you didn't believe me before, now you will when I say I'm pretty frugal. And because I want you guys to find goodies like these, I have shared the links to some of the markets and shops I have been to (just click on the name of the market in each description).

And now for the Honorary Street Art Post:



  1. This article interested me because I love to thrift myself! I think that it is so fun to walk into a store and hunt around for something that calls out to you. It is almost like a game. You never know what you will find and what you do find is unique. When it comes to styling outfits, I love to find funky statement pieces at thrift stores. It is also very exciting when you come across a valuable item sold at a very low cost! One of my favorite skirts is one I found while thrifting. It is a $200 skirt (in US dollars) that I bought for $4.

    1. $4!!!!! That is an amazing find! I completely agree with you because you never know what you can find in a thrift store but the time and effort of looking through the range of items always pays off. Another reason I love thrifting is because it helps me keep a great rotation in my wardrobe so I rarely get bored with my style. Thrifting gives me the freedom to try new styles without paying hundreds of dollars.

  2. Your thirfted items are so exciting! I am always looking for cool thrift stores in Europe. There are many in Italy and I even found a really cool one in Barcelona where I bought vintage jewlery and a top! I love finding cool things and like you said the prices are amazing. Those are some great finds!

  3. I think that to be able to piece together such professional outfits out of such cheap resources is a true talent. Sometimes thrifting is looked down upon, but when done correctly and executed beautifully like Jazmine has, it is a skill that will take a d&m student very far in their career. In addition, the looks that Jazmine has created looks as though they were pulled straight out of a fashion magazine. The trends are perfect for the teenage demographic, and I feel like I could envision a few celebrities wearing these creations. I commend Jazmine for her frugal and stylish hobby. It will help with a variety of fashion positions such as visual merchandising, trend forecasting, and buying. Starting off in thrift shops is a great way to get a feel for past and present styles and how they can be made into modern fashions. I hope that I can be as creative as Jazmine when it comes to thrift shopping. I also think Australia is a great place to study abroad. The rich culture and fashionable atmosphere makes it a model location to achieve fashion knowledge!

  4. I absolutely loved this article! The items that you've found are amazing and for insane prices. This has inspired me to go out thrifting myself! I am from New York and there are a lot of great thrift stores in the city. I have gotten some brands such as Free People for $15. I especially loved your Faux Fur Vest and I can't believe the cost! I think that shopping at thrift stores is extremely resourceful, and it also shows that you can find fashionable looks at completely affordable prices.

  5. The items you found are amazing! This article has really inspired me to start thrift shopping because I never have, but it seems really fun! Being a broke student, this could really help me out, and being a fashion student, I could really find some inspiring pieces.

    1. Never underestimate the powers of thrifting! It really fun at the core of it and it gives you so much freedom to really be yourself when you dress. You don't have to worry about someone else having the same exact items as you and your true style emerges when you thrift because you never know what you'll find. Being a fashion student gives you a new perspective on clothing and you can see a garment in a new light. Some of my favorite items in my closet are from thrift stores. You can even create your own garment from something thrifted. You don't have to completely redesign it but even something as simple as changing the buttons on a blouse or shortening the hem of a skirt can really personalize the experience for you. However, thrifting can be a little frustrating sometimes when you aren't having the luck you expect. Fret not! Take a deep breath, move to another section and try again. It's all about patience and knowing what you like. Hope this helps Madisen :)