Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Until Next Time...

The last few days in Barcelona have been very relaxing.  I booked my hostel late, so instead of staying with my friends in their room, I am in a private room in another hostel.  However, it turned out that my hostel is directly across the street from them! It is very convenient.  It is nice not staying in a dorm, and having my own little room. The only downside, they have air conditioning, and I don’t! In Barcelona right now, it’s over 95 degrees every day. We are not far from the beach, but the walk feels like a never-ending marathon in the desert.  Though, we still walk, trying to save our ever-decreasing wallets! Once we actually get to the beach, the water is beautiful, and there are people all over enjoying themselves.  Since this is the last weekend in August, everyone is vacationing, before the end of summer. It is a very fun, relaxed environment.
We did a few things this time, that I missed on my last trip.  We went to a large outdoor market, to buy snacks for the beach.  It was filled with every fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, candy, you could imagine! I bought a passion fruit, a delicious coconut smoothie, and a bag of nuts, all for very cheap! This market is off of the busy ‘Las Ramblas’ street, but it is not well known, it's a local treasure. I recommend visiting it!
I also had paella! Last time, we did not find a good place to eat some.  A lot of tourist-y restaurants serve paella, but a local told us that in these places the yellow color is artificial. They do not make the paella from scratch.  So, we ended up finding a delicious, small restaurant.  I shared mine with a friend, when we were finished, there was nothing left in the large pan.
After Barcelona, my friends planned on going to Ibiza, a small island off of Spain.  I was also planning on going.  However, in Paris my foot began hurting and became very swollen.
See Picture Below (It's not pretty)
Therefore, I decided that going to an island best known for it’s dance parties, would not be a smart decision.  So, I stayed in Barcelona on my own.  During this time, I still met a lot of people, so it wasn’t lonely! Just sitting at the beach, you end up having conversations and meeting new people!  Since there were a lot of French people vacationing here, I had a chance to communicate with them. 
In Spanish, it was a little harder…
One night, I did something I have never done before, and ate at a restaurant alone! It was a small restaurant right near the hostel.  I was hungry, so I had no other choice! However, I am so happy I did.  It turns out, it was the night of the Barcelona versus Real Madrid soccer match.  These teams both have tons of supporters and huge rivalries.  Everyone was watching the match in the restaurant, supporting Barcelona.  It was exciting! 
Barcelona won, which made it even better!
I can’t believe my time in Europe is almost over.  I am so grateful I had these experiences and met so many different people. I am looking forward to seeing all of my family and friends, and also catching up on some sleep.  I loved visiting these different places, but I don’t know how long I could keep backpacking! If I was just staying in France, I’d never want to leave, but always on the go can take a lot out of you!
Coming home, I will have no iphone, a significantly decreased bank account, and a swollen foot. BUT I enjoyed every minute in Europe and would 100% do it again.  I feel I have grown so much on this trip, and would like to thank you all for taking the time to read about it! Part 2 of my blog will be called: ‘Coping with being home’. Kidding!
Until the next voyage: Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Doei! Adios!
X Audrey 

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