Monday, August 20, 2012

Déjà vu

Last night I walked over the Schuylkill river along Chestnut Street to go see my friend's play, and the 30 minute walk into center city brought back a rush of memories from Ireland. I recalled walking along the Liffey everyday on my way to school, trodding the familiar path parallel to the river, and passing five bridges along the way. I remembered the sights and sounds of the city passing me by, as I looked out from under my umbrella. While crossing the Schuylkill last night, I remembered crossing Grattan Bridge on my way to another play, not so long ago. It was during the 10DaysinDublin arts festival, and was held in an artist loft amidst installation art, studios, and gallery space. Here's what adorned the walls of the hallway leading to the performance space:

After crossing the river into the core of the city, there's always the walk home to give you time to reflect on the night's events. That powerful feeling that comes with walking with your friends along a river at night in a beautiful city struck last night just as it had so often before, while I was exploring everything that Dublin had to offer. The way city lights reflect off the water's surface, casting a magical glow makes one feel invincible, young, and alive (cue Fun's hit single, We Are Young). Even though I really miss living in Dublin, there are parts of Philly that transport me back to July and it makes me misty eyed. I may be back home in the City of Brotherly Love, but the Island of Saints and Scholars is still always in my heart. Both of these rivers are central to the layout and design of Dublin and Philly, and they're essential to the experience of those living here.

The Liffey

The Schuylkill

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