Friday, August 31, 2012

Dublin on my mind

It has officially been 4 weeks since I have returned home to the states and Dublin is always on my mind. I miss the cool 68 degree weather, mist, tea, brown bread, grazing cows, greenery, mountains, coast, and the whole culture of music, poetry, and theatre. Here are my ten most memorable, beloved, and missed moments from my trip:

My first journal entry in Howth, my first excursion out of Dublin.

Seeing the fabulous Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kate Nash!!

Crossing an actual rope bridge in Northern Ireland...the wind made it shake.

Visiting the Giant's Causeway, the most magical place.

Entering free Derry.

The view from the summit of Bray Head...worth the tough hike!

Walking along the "peace wall" in Belfast.

Scaling the slippery, railing-less steps of Skellig Michael to see a 5th century monastery.

Two words: Silent Disco. Galway knows how to throw a dance party!

Biking through Inis Oirr, the smallest of the Aran Islands.

I wrote in my last post how I am trying to live each moment as if I'm still in Ireland, which means exploring, wandering, and not always sticking to a strict plan. This is starting to soak in, but it's definitely something I need to work on, especially as Junior year fast approaches.

My best friend is in Dublin now, which of course makes me long to be there even more. She tweeted, "Listening to Once and Glen Hansard, Walking Around Dublin in the Rain and Tea #irishtweet." Aside from her escapades, I'm constantly reliving my own adventures because Dublin is always on my mind. I've been catching up with friends before they go back to college, and the question "So how was Dublin?" keeps popping up. I think I've gotten my friends to consider studying abroad in Ireland because of the way I gush about it. Drexel in Dublin, run by FIE, was the best study abroad experience I could have asked for. It got me thinking globally, gave me a sense of independence, and took me for a wild adventure. From the warm hospitality to the wonderful culture, every aspect of my trip was a thrill. I highly recommend this trip to anyone and everyone reading this, you won't regret it!

Eireann go bragh (Ireland forever),

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