Friday, August 10, 2012

Montpellier, J'taime

Today is my last day in Montpellier, I cannot believe my program is finished. The time has flown by. I am extremely sad, because this has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I have ‘Tomber amoureux” –fallen in love, with France.  After I leave Montpellier, I am going to travel with friends, that studied in Prague this summer.
I’d like to dedicate this blog post to Montpellier, since it has been so good to me.
After class each day, we would wander through the city.  Sometime we would end up eating, shopping, going to the beach, or meeting new people.
My French professor would often take us out to cafes or restaurants so we could practice our French. Everyone loved French class, since our professor taught us everything we needed to get around.   She also worked on perfecting our French accents.   Even if you know every French word, if you say it without an accent, they have a hard time understanding you.  
It is tres dificile!
 We also became friends with a group of people, that were born in America, but have lived in France since they were young.  They explained that their parents went on their honeymoon in France, and decided to come back to live here permanently. I insistently saw my future : )
They spent time with us throughout the trip, so on our last day we decided to spend the day with them. We walked through Montpellier, and came across Saint Sauveur church.  We ended up climbing the large spiral staircase to the roof of the church.  This was something that not even our French friends had ever done. It gave us a breathtaking view of Montpellier. This was the perfect way to end our days here.
Last night, our group had a farewell dinner.  Everyone dressed up, it was a special night. Our group became very close during this trip.  Me and the three other Drexel girls on this program were sad, since everyone else is going back to Louisiana. However, we are planning to visit New Orleans!
I am excited to embark on my travels through Europe, but I will miss Montpellier dearly. It confirms that I must return one day. 
 We were all thankful that we chose to study in Montpellier. I loved Paris, but it is a big city.  Montpellier has less tourists, is less expensive, tranquil, I could go on forever! But, I must finish packing. I am taking a train to Paris this afternoon, and then flying to Berlin. 
I will surely let you know how everything works out!
Montpellier, my heart is full.

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