Thursday, September 2, 2010


Classes started this week. While in London, our semester is divided into two accelerated five-week terms, in which we take two classes each. For the first term, I signed up to take International Business and British Culture/Visual Media. Not enough people signed up for International Business, so it was dropped and I was put into an online International Fashion Merchandising class. So a) I get to take an International class while abroad and b) I have more time outside if the classroom to explore London.

Our British Culture class seems interesting so far. Don’t let the four hour classes scare you. The teachers know you are only here for the summer and take you on a lot of field trips during class to take advantage of that. I’m looking forward to our British Culture class in particular because a lot of our assignments look like they will involve researching by going to different places around London.

This weekend, I went on my very first weekend trip. A word of advice: while abroad, do everything in your power to get your parents to come visit you. Independence is great and all, but college students rearely get to take advantage of great meals and hotels. My parents have been to London many times before, so they wanted to meet up with me in a European location that none of us have been before. So, my roommate Ericka and I met up with my family in Prague, Czech Republic. We flew Easy Jet, one of the discount airlines that I’m sure you will become familiar with while abroad. (Note: Just because your tickets say your gate closes a half hour before take off, does not mean you have to run through the airport at 6 in the morning- it doesn’t really close.) Prague is such a beautiful city, and relatively cheap for the student traveler. As most of you know, the World Cup is going on and it’s a huge deal in Europe. We watched the US game with hundreds of people in the central square in Prague where a huge screen is set up for the games.

Budget airlines fly from smaller London airports, but it is worth it. There are a number of busses and trains that run to London Gatwick, Stansted and Luton at all hours of the night, no matter how early you have to get to the airport to make your flight. No matter your destination, there are always signs in English and easy ways of transport to the city.

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