Monday, September 6, 2010

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Looks from the Designer Show at Melbourne Fashion Week

Wanting to truly see what Melbourne fashion is about, I decided to attend a show at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. I was so excited to see firsthand the new trends to hit Melbourne for spring. The designers (most located in Melbourne) included above, ALPHA60, Carly Hunter, Claude by Claude Maus, FAT, Jack London, Limedrop, Tesla, and Trimapee. Most lines included both men’s and women’s garments. The overall feeling of the show was very cognizant of the attitude and overall vibe of Melbourne: modern and urban. Most of the garments from FAT, Jack London, and Limedrop were very minimalistic in certain aspects of the design. Shapes were very simple, and seemed to be draped delicately around the body. The colors of the show were also a range of mid-tones and muted colors, while black and white seemed to dominate the runway. There were pops of color in the form of a tropical -like pattern as well as a beautiful coral color.

Another trend among all lines was the incorporation of menswear into women’s wear. Button down collared shirts and oversized blazers were combined with feminine skirts for a casual look. There were also a few dresses to graze the runway. Two of my favorites were a black one-shoulder dress and the one photographed above. The shape is simple, but the draping and folds made it interesting. I just think it looked so elegant and modern. Carly Hunter’s line was based off of a shear woven fabric with large solid dot pattern. It was probably my least favorite line due to the fact that it was very reminiscent of the 60’s and lacked variety in styles.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. A few found it underwhelming, but I really liked the minimalistic and casual style of the show. Most garments were pieces that you could incorporate into their everyday wardrobe. At the end I could honestly say that I wanted to take home almost all of the clothing I saw on the runway. Now I am inspired to dress like a Melbournian fashionista, if only I could afford it.


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