Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just touched down

I can’t believe summer is finally here! After a road trip to Newark, flight overseas, and bus ride to the dorm, we are finally at our new home in London. I definitely recommend the group flight. It was very easy to find other people on the program, and a woman from FIE was waiting to greet us with a Drexel sign as soon as we got off the plane. They also accommodated a double decker bus ride to the dorms with a tour guide to give a nice introduction to the city and answer any questions that we might have.

I have traveled throughout time zones before, but I must admit I still have trouble with jet lag. So far my roommate and I have been sleeping whenever we get tired and have been on never-ending searches for food in later hours of the night. London is different from Philadelphia in that when you’re hungry at three in the morning, you can’t just walk over to the 7-11. Here, you’ll most likely end up at Burger King if you want food past 10 pm.

Our dorm, Metrogate is in the beautiful neighborhood of South Kensington. I am very happy with our accommodations. I live in a generously sized room that I share with one roommate and we share a bathroom with three other girls. All of our rooms are very close together and people often wander in and out, much like freshman year. Our street, Queen’s Gate Terrace, is right off of Gloucester Road, which is full of cute shops and cafes. Metrogate is a short walk away from the Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Harrod’s, Science Museum, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace and Royal Albert Hall. (Anyone remember the Spice World final concert scene?) We live in a great area that is more residential than touristy, so I am looking forward to feeling like a true Londoner.

One of our first group activities was a walking tour around the city. The name does not lie; it was a lot of walking. But already, I feel better acquainted with the city. I was actually born in London, lived here until I was three and have been back a few times, but I know that living here during my college years will allow me to experience London as I never have before. If you are deciding between Study Abroad programs, don’t rule out a certain location just because you have been there before!

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