Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mix matched prints and blue hair

So my roommate got it in her head that she wanted to dye her hair green. A lot of the other girls in our program agreed that they would get some brightly colored streak of color in their hair as well. But of course, who was the only person to go through with it with her? Me. A few phone calls to salons, a sort tube ride to Camden and fifty pounds later, my blonde hair has streaks of blue in it.

To be honest, its kind of exhilarating doing something so spontaneous and out of the ordinary to my appearance while I’m in London for the summer. It’s also really interesting doing something like dying my hair blue in a city like London in itself. People do whatever they want here- down to their hair, make up, clothes and behavior. Not in a rude, awkward, disrespectful way, but more in a liberating, free, accepting kind of way.

I have definitely noticed a gradual change in my personal style since I’ve been in London. I’ve been wearing clothes that I always want to, but never have the courage to wear at home. Knee socks, leopard platform shoes, mix matched patterns and now dyed blue hair. Going to school in Philadelphia, we are all so close to New York, the biggest fashion city in the United States. But honestly, it’s completely different from London and an atmosphere that I’m so grateful to experience.

I definitely feel most of the Design and Merchandising girls on my program and myself will take a different sense of individual style home with them after our summer in London. We just started our second five-week term of classes and one of our first assignments for Fashion Product Promotion class is to take pictures of street style. I’m really excited about this project because so many people dress so much more interestingly here on a daily basis. I don’t know how cliché this may sound- but Londoner’s daily dress is really inspiring to witness. It’s something you definitely don’t see at home. People incorporate trends into their wardrobe, but completely make the style their own. In America, everyone tends to adapt trends in the same way and everyone ends up looking the same. So if you want to do something out of the ordinary, like dye your hair blue or even just wear a bright color you’ve never been brave enough to wear at Drexel, you will definitely have the opportunity to do it in London.

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