Thursday, September 3, 2015

Triple D Stunna

     Unlike some of the other D&M students traveling abroad, my trip ended in late July so I have had a good amount of down time back at my home in Dallas since. The trip as a whole proved to be much more exhausting than I had assumed, both physically and mentally. Due to this, I've lived in some what of a permanent sleep this past month or so. My days are night, and my nights are day, with me regularly peeping my head out of bed when many are getting off work for the day. I've still been able to do a lot with my time, however the nature of my activities is reflective. In other words, eating and nightlife have been the main attraction. In a sense, this is great because I wasn't as appreciative of food, or of the legal age during my years living here. This considered, I've done my best to make up for lost time. Certain foods come to mind when you think of Texas, and I do regularly miss the majority of them at Drexel. Barbeque, country and soul food, steak and Mexican food regularly visit my dreams until I'm home to smother them. I've done my best to appease this, and have visited all my favorite spots multiple times. I've also been able to try a few new places that fit into these genres, and those have proven to be some of my favorite meals this trip.
     As for nightlife, I've been lucky enough to have one of my old friends around to go out with regularly. I think it's interesting to see the different scene each city has to offer, so its been enjoyable to see how my home city compares to others. I will honestly say its not the greatest, however a few good areas have brought much needed life into Dallas lately. A reclaiming of the downtown area has done a lot of good, and I've been able to appreciate firsthand since my parents' recent move down here.
     Another awesome thing I've been able to do with my time is visit some of my closest friends. I was able to visit one of my best friends, Jared, at his house on campus at TCU twice. I was also able to visit other friends at Texas A&M, a school that I had never been to. The best part so far came in the form of a visit though, rather than me visiting somewhere. I was able to fly Emily down spontaneously last weekend, so we got to enjoy a few days together in my hometown. She has only visited Dallas one other time, so a different tour was in order. We drove and ate our way through the city, while finding a cool few sites to see. I enjoyed our visit to the famed Perot Museum of Natural Science, as well as our beach day at one of the local lakes. She had a blast, and it was great to show her some things I love while also finding new experiences together. As time dwindles, I hope to make the best of what remains. I will be visiting my other best friend in Houston, where we'll then fly out to Los Angeles together from. This should be fun, and I'm excited to see what LA has in store for us this time around.

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