Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to the States I go, but first...

I can't believe my time here in London and Europe is about to come to an end.  As we moved out of our flats on Sunday and said our goodbyes it finally started to sink in just how fast these past two months had gone by.  However I still have a few things left to look forward to before I head back to New Jersey.  

I extended my time here a little and will be spending one more week here in London.  I know this week will fly by but I have a few things on my list that I must see before I leave.  I know it sounds crazy that it was not one of the first things I saw once I got to London having lived in South Kensington, but I am finally going to see the guards change outside of Buckingham Palace. I want to head down to Abbey Road since I do share a little something in common with that street (if they drop the 'e'), walk around Notting Hill and Portobello Road, wander through the markets and lastly walk the 450 steps to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral to see the amazing view of London.  Now, of course I hope to stumble upon new places in London through it all but these things I must do before my time in London ends. 

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Leaving London will be hard enough but at least I will have one last trip to look forward to!

This Saturday a friend of mine is flying out to London, from there we will be leaving on Sunday and making our way to Barcelona! Barcelona has always been on my list of places to travel to. Now, finally getting the opportunity to go there, I couldn't be more excited. However, that's not the end of my travels.  My final destination while in Europe will be Ibiza.  Having heard amazing things about this Island, I cant wait to experience it for myself!

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Just a tad different than the Jersey Shore 

After that, my time in Europe will come to a bittersweet end.  Although it will be sad to say goodbye I know I will be back soon! 

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  1. Moving was out was very bittersweet. I think we had an amazing time abroad and I hope I am able to do something like this again. I really enjoyed reading your blog the past few months. Your picture always come out amazing and I enjoyed reading about all of your fun adventures.