Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lamma Island - Two Small Villages

Lamma Island is the closest outlaying island to Hong Kong Island and the third biggest after Lantua and Hong Kong Island itself. It is a community of fisherman, farmers and Western expatriates. There are only two villages on the entire island and no cars! People ride bikes, or for transporting they use these small four wheel vehicles (as seen below on the right). It takes about an 1 1/2 hours to walk from one village to the other. If you are not like me and take a lot of pictures... it took me almost 3 hours to walk from village to the other..

Below is the 100 year-old Tin Hau temple. To the right is a very traditional religious offering, usually oranges are set out for the offering and you see this outside every establishment in Hong Kong and China to the bless the building or home.

Tennis court right outside the temple, I found that odd. Not too surprised though... because many areas in Hong Kong are tight for space and two establishments are often practically on top of each other.

I lit incense before entering the temple and gave a donation.

Below is the view of the water and land on top of one of the mountains in route to Sok Kwu Wan Village.

Sok Kuw Wan Village (below) has several renowned waterfront seafood restaurants. Best calamari I have ever had here!
                            Several small fishing boats on the water of Sok Kuw Wan Village.
Above is a small place found along the walk of the two villages. If you look to the top right - this place offers "coke and beef" ! Simple menu

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