Saturday, January 5, 2013

Elephants, Tigers, Bungalows -- Where are we??

 Here is the floating bungalow neighborhood my friend and I stayed at in Kanchanaburi - or at least somewhere in that region. We were on a private tour for two days that we found on and read excellent reviews about. But this trip could have never happened without something like tripadvisor because we were in the mercy of our two tour guides for 48 hours, not really knowing where were, headed, sleeping and just had to trust we were in good hands! Which we were. We went to Phuket after Kanachanaburi where we no longer had our two private tour guides and missed them very much! Much easier and relaxing in a foreign country with personal guides!  

 Drenched by a elephant!

 Elephant trekking and swimming on the tour in Kanchanaburi.
 Tiger temple. Four month old tiger who was startled by a bull that came into its' area.

Big tiger. Although I didn't like this part of the tour. It seemed the tigers were being misused for tourists. They were chained to the ground without a lot of room to roam. They also seemed like they could have been drugged because they weren't as active and aggressive like tigers normally are. Visitors were able to come close to the tigers and I didn't feel like it was humane. Unlike our elephant experience, my friend and I read that it was an Eco-friendly place where they took good care of their elephants. The elephants seemed happy during our time there.

Train from the airport to our hotel. There is a skyline train that is much more modern as well, but glad I got the chance to ride this too

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