Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Walking Tiles

                       “Walking Tiles”
For aches and pains of the body. The rounded stones push on pressure point in your feet, similarly to acupuncture.  I saw an older lady rocking back and forth on the ‘walking tiles’ in a park and was curious what it felt like. I decided to join her. Felt strange at first but very glad I chose to do so. The stones feel SO good for your entire body. I walked on the stones and rocked like the older lady for about a half hour. I actually didn’t want to get off the walking tiles they had felt so good. When I stepped off and put my shoes back on I felt rejuvenated. I had been walking for several hours and started feeling tired but after a short break the walking tiles, I felt that I could continue walking for a while longer...
Now, when I pass these walking tiles in a park I always stop to give my body a boost! The Yin Yang symbol can represent different things when talking about; energy, medicine, love, female/male and some others, but it's main representation is balance.

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