Monday, December 10, 2012


                            (My favorite meal: Hong Kong Style, Curry Fish Fillet with Rice)

I have acquired a method to use chopsticks; it works very well for me. It is not the 'proper' technique and have been stopped to be corrected for method over and over again!
I even had an elderly man the other day, while out at a restaurant from across the restaurant, bang HIS chopsticks at me to grab my attention and indicate that I was holding them wrong. I literally ‘laughed out loud’ and the elderly man smiled. I have discovered that most local people enjoy or are amused that I eat at the local restaurants; maybe it is unexpected to them. But honestly I don’t think twice about it, I love the local Asian food and believe when you are in a country you should try to experience as much as you and get acquainted with the culture, so dig in!
I have also met local people that admit they don’t hold their chopsticks the ‘proper’ way either. My method is successful for me! I can hold and eat with my method for mostly all the food items and at face pace! (Like the Chinese people) Some people agree that method works but others are still determined to teach me the proper technique. 
I recently realized when I cook at my apartment, where I don't own chopsticks, only knife and fork. I don't enjoy the meal as much..  I have become pretty acquainted with the chopsticks as main utensils. I wonder if it will feel strange returning home two months after being in Hong Kong, to a knife and fork all the time ?
Enjoy travels!
Xx Christa

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