Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Freedom During Lunch Break

Freedom During Lunch Break
Something different from America is lunch break for students. In Hong Kong, the students in Secondary School, similar to our high school, leave school grounds during lunch break and eat at restaurants in surrounding neighborhoods. It’s weird to see because I remember in elementary and high school leaving school grounds unattended was NOT allowed, and students would get in big trouble if they had.
But here, students have that freedom everyday. It feels so strange to see because I would think some students would wonder off and get into trouble during lunchtime, but they must not here. I also remember hearing from a few girls I work with that school is highly stressed for students. Mostly from their parents, to do well and get into college or university after secondary school. Being told that and seeing the students leaving on their lunch break makes me think that they wouldn’t dare do something disruptive during the lunch break. Maybe because they don’t want to get into trouble and loose their school opportunities. Unlike America, where kids often fool around and get into trouble but still get into colleges and universities. Makes me think that unfortunately a lot kids take that for granted the States.  

Xx Christa

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