Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hi everyone! My name is Kristia and I am currently studying in Dublin, Ireland. My time here is fairly short so I hope to write as much as I can to report on all of the amazing aspects that this small city has to offer.

A little about me, I am going into my forth year at Drexel University studying Design and Merchandising and am ecstatic to be abroad. My program is unique in that it is a dual city study program so I have to opportunity to study at the Dublin Business School in Dublin, Ireland and take classes as an FIE student in London, England. I will be spending equal time in each country with trips planned to see more of Europe.

I recently just came back from a weekend get away in Paris, which was absolutely amazing!

The first few weeks here in Dublin, have been jam packed with historical information and sight seeing. Venturing on different excursions has allowed us to understand not only Dublin, but beyond the city as well.

The dual city program has attracted in total 15 American students, 14 of us are girls and one sole boy. This alone poses as an interesting and fun experience. Thankfully we live in an apartment complex or student housing known as Blackhall Place with other foreign students. Thus far we have befriended French students, and are looking forward to meeting the incoming Austrian and Portuguese students.

Despite what my fellow classmates might think our location has been a learning experience in disguise. We live on the North Side, which is in reference to the central division of the city known as the River Liffy. The North Side is commonly thought of as the less endowed side, providing a home for many low-income homes. However, this side of the city has a lot to offer. It is the home to Kilmainham Gaol or Jail and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. The main attraction on this side of the river however is Henry’s street. It is the central shopping location, cheaper then the South’s Side equivalent, Grafton Street.

The people of Dublin have welcomed us with a hundred thousand welcomes, “Cead Mile Failte”. The society overall in general is much friendlier then any you will find in the states. When asking for directions, people are more then happy to take the time to explain in detail the best way to get there. In all the public here is very knowledgably and extremely reliable when pointing you in the right direction. 

Our living accommodations!

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