Thursday, August 27, 2009

While in Mykonos


I spent the past week on the island of Mykonos in Greece. I have been to most of the Greek islands and can full heartedly say that Mykonos is my favorite. The island is beautiful, full of life, and has so much to offer. Here are some tips of things to do that made my week in Mykonos one of my favorite weeks of my life.

Stay at Hotel Tagoo
I found this hotel on Trip Advisors top 10 hotels in Mykonos. It was number 1 so I thought it would be expensive but it turned out to be very affordable and a perfect hotel. It was clean, full of kind staff, and only minutes from the town center. I find it hard to locate such perfect hotels in Greece at such an affordable price but this one was simply perfect in every way.

Rent ATVs
Mykonos is an island that one needs to have some sort of transportation to get around. Beaches, clubs, and shopping are all on different parts of the island so renting an ATV makes everything easy to get to. You will find numerous ATV rental shops all over the island. Stop in and ask for prices at a few and then choose the place with the best price. We found 25 Euros a day to be one of the cheapest.

Spend as much time as you can at Psarou Beach
Psarou is one of the most glamorous beaches on the island. Movie stars from all over the world come to Psarou during their visit in Mykonos. The beach is made up of 3 different beach clubs. Namos in in the middle and the most expensive (up to 40 Euros per beach chair). Further down the beach you will find other chairs that are much cheaper. If you would like to spoil yourself one day I strongly suggest you get to Psarou in the morning, get a lounge bed, have lunch at Namos restaurant and stay until as late as you can. After the sun sets music plays all night long. It is truly my favorite place on earth.

Party at Paradise/Super Paradise/Space/Cavo Paradiso
Mykonos is most well known for its night life. At some point during your stay in Mykonos it is a must that you party at one of these places. Paradise and Super Paradise are for happy hour from 5-8pm daily while Space is a night club to go to after dinner from 2-5am. Cavo Paradiso is a beach club that people go to from 6-10am. If you can't stay up and do all of them in one day, you must at least visit them at some point. I have never seen any party go this crazy in my life.

These are just a few highlights from my trip. I suggest if you visit the island you do so for at least 3 nights. In order to get to know it and feel comfortable getting around you will need at least this much time.

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