Saturday, August 8, 2009


Capri coastline
Faraglioni Rocks, Capri

This past weekend Jesse and I took a trip to Italy where we spent 4 days on the Amalfi Coast.  It was a beautiful get away and we are so thrilled we had the chance to get there.  During the program there are many planned weekend trips through UNO.  We decided to go on a search for cheap airfare and sure enough found it to Southern Italy.  We flew into Naples and spent 3 nights at a deluxe hostel in Sorrento.
My favorite part of the weekend was going to Capri Island.  I have never seen anything like it.  We took an easy 20 minute ferry ride from the port of Sorrento to get there.  Jesse and I explored the island (mostly by foot), swam and sunbathed under the towering Faraglioni rocks, and had a great meal.  Capri is wonderful but quite expensive.  I suggest you do what we did and stay in Sorrento and go on a day trip to the island.
Italy was a great little holiday.  We finally saw some of the sea after being locked in the middle of Europe in Prague.
So next time you are studying abroad make sure you search for cheap airfare and enjoy Europe!

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