Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today's rainy, miserable weather was quite appropriate for our day trip to Terezin Concentration Camp.  Terezin was a town built in the 1780s.  At the time the city was used as a fortress to protect Prague from northern invaders.  Ironically, during World War II this town became a ghetto and concentration camp where Hitler sent thousands of people.  The Nazis told the world that this town was built for the Jews and would protect them from the war.  Terezin was the only "show camp" in all of Europe. In order to cover up the concentration camp to the Red Cross, the Nazis spruced it up to look like a great place to be. 
On June 14, 1940 adults and children including notable leaders, writers, actors and other members of the elite began being sent to this town being told they were going to a spa town.  
Of the nearly 140,000 men, woman, and children who passed through Terezin, 34,000 died.  
Although today was quite depressing, it was a valuable experience to see a concentration camp in person.  It allowed me to really have a better understanding and a clearer picture in my head of what the Holocaust was really about.

Terezin is located about 1 hour outside of Prague.  If you are ever in Prague and want to take a day trip, I strongly suggest you visit this incredible memorial.

Terezin - The National Cemetary

Terezin - Small Fortress

Terezin - Small Fortress

Visiting hours: 
Open daily, all year around
November 1 - March 31: 8am-4:30pm
April 1 - October 31: 8am-6pm

Terezin Memorial, Principova alej 304
CZ-411 55 Terezin

More information at:

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