Monday, July 27, 2009


This weekend I went to Berlin, Germany with a group from our program.  The trip was an amazing time.  Berlin has become one my favorite new cities.  It is so modern and hip in many ways from architecture, shopping, and nightlife.  It is neat to see how the city that was demolished during World War II has built itself up again in such little time and has become a beautiful, clean, modern city.
We took a 5 hour train ride from Prague to Berlin.  It was incredibly easy and I recommend it to anyone.  When we first got there we went on a walking tour and stopped at different sites including Alexanderplatz, a large public filled with tons of stores, restaurants, and people.  Next we visited the Fernesehturm (German for television tower) which was constructed in the 1960's by the German Democratic Republic making it a symbol of Berlin.  The tower is easily visible throughout the center of Berlin.  There is a platform on top that is open everyday until late at night for visitors to have an awesome view of the city.  Other stops on the tour was the Holocaust memorial, The Berlin Wall, and many others.  
The following day we went on a boat tour down the Spree River.  The river runs through the center of Berlin.  This was a relaxing way to get to know the city better while cruising on a boat instead of walking for 2 hours.  There are several boat tours along the river and are easy to find and fairy inexpensive.
I suggest anyone who has the opportunity to visit Berlin, to definitely do so.  Although 2 nights was all we went for, we were able to see and learn so much about this awesome city.

View of Berlin from boat tour
Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
Group in front of Brandenburg Gate
Remains of The Berlin Wall

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