Thursday, December 10, 2015

Backpacking without a Backpack

I disappeared for a while due to travel and interviews but I'm back to share the last juicy details of my stay in Australia! Hopefully after this post and these wonderful photos I'll share with you, you'll forgive me....

Anyway, during one of my weekends in Australia, I decided to do some solo travel adventures. I'm planning to do an East Coast trip before I head home to the American lands. But first, I wanted to see how well I can travel by myself (yes I traveled from the US to Australia by myself but that's different--kind of).

Where did I go?

None other than the beautiful(but small) Adelaide. Adelaide is a city located in South Australia, about an hour flight from Melbourne.

I decided to head there because there was a very small, secluded island of the coast of South Australia that I wanted to visit called Kangaroo Island. I figured one day for me to wander aimlessly around Adelaide and another day to tour Kangaroo Island would be a pretty fun test run of this whole solo travel experience. And I can now say I'm probably ridiculously slightly addicted to traveling.

Adelaide Central Market

Festival Centre

Elder Park
Elder Park
Kangaroo Island is located off of Cape Jervis, which is approximately an hour outside of Adelaide CBD. The locals call it KI so I'm gonna be cool and local and stuff and use that abbreviation. KI has been isolated from mainland Australia for so long that its wildlife has completely evolved to be unique to this island only. Visiting KI gave me the opportunity to see wildlife and appreciate nature. Although I would still quickly turn down an invitation to go camping, I can say I have learned that nature is beautiful and special in all of its ways.

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil Farm

The one lonely emu on KI
Vivienne Bay Beach
Sleepy Koala
Remarkable Rocks
Rock Formation
Remarkable Rocks Formation
Remarkable Rocks Formation
Even smaller islands off the coast of KI
Coastline with New Zealand Fur Seals
New Zealand Fur Seals
Admiral's Arch

A poisonous Tiger Snake
Seal Bay
Baby Sea Lion featuring staring people
Beach time!
We couldn't swim in the water but at least it looks pretty
*insert inspiration quote about new journeys here*
KI gave me experiences and memories I could never forget! If your visit or live in Australia, YOU HAVE TO GO! I swear by it because its a true jewel. And do yourself a huge favor when you go to Adelaide. Hit the Central Market and get yourself some dinner and some cheese from the Smelly Cheese Shop. You'll thank me later.

You guys didn't think I forgot about the Honorary Street Art Post did you?

Best one to date!




  1. I'm really interested in traveling abroad and Australia is on my list, but after this article it's definitely towards the top! I love how she went into detail about all the cool places she visited and even posted pictures. She describes Kangaroo island as very unique and it's a place I'd really like to travel to. Australia looks amazing and I'm totally going to visit!

  2. I liked this article because I am interested in studying abroad during college. Knowing that she was able to travel alone and find new things to try out makes it easier to feel comfortable with going abroad. She seemed to have a great time exploring Australia and learned a lot about the life there