Monday, June 22, 2015

Packing | The Golden Rules

Packing. Most people dread the task entirely. Whether you are going out overnight or heading on a five week trip, packing is something that makes travelers anxious. How many pairs of shoes do you bring? How many bathing suits can you stuff into your suitcase? How many days before should you begin packing in order to avoid scrambling at the last minute? 

While I am not the world’s most seasoned traveler, I have been to Italy, Spain, and London in the past and know packing for an extended stay is tricky. Since I am about to embark on my next adventure to Prague, it is time for me to face the task of packing. With only 13 days until my departure, I am starting to worry about what I should bring in my suitcase and what should be left in my drawers at home.

Like me, I am sure most other Design and Merchandising students also have a terrible tendency to over pack. Which of my five black dresses do I bring? Will the shoes I pack work with every single outfit in my suitcase because we all know shoes complete the look.

These questions may seem trivial, but I think anyone who packs for a trip should take them into consideration. One trick I have learned from my past travels is to pack as cohesively as possible. I find when most of my clothing options can mix and match well with each other, it makes dressing as simple as possible. I usually pack three to four different pairs of shoes, from casual to fancy, so I have a pair for any situation I may encounter. I also make sure to color coordinate most of my pieces. This is actually pretty easy for me to do considering my wardrobe consists mainly of neutrals, but packing with a general color palette in mind will help you immensely when dressing each day. This will make packing jewelry and even makeup an easier task. You will only bring styles or products that match your palette.

                  Another tip I have for packing is to use clear toiletry bags. This is particularly helpful if you are camping and will most likely be leaving your hygienic products in a travel bag your entire trip. By utilizing a clear bag, you will be able to easily access any product efficiently. When it is dark in your tent and you already took your contacts out, the clear bag will make life so much easier for you.

                  Lastly, my golden rule for packing is to use the rolling method. I swear by rolling my clothes. It allows me to utilize the space in my bag fully and gives me more room for souvenirs and clothes that I typically purchase abroad. I am sure I am going to stumble upon some great outdoor markets and cool stores during my stay in Prague. By rolling my clothes, I will be able to shop without worrying about whether or not my new purchases will fit in my suitcase.

                  All in all, while packing is no one’s favorite task, it is an unavoidable one. I recommend starting to think about packing two weeks prior to a trip. This gives you time to acquire things you might need without the pressure of a time crunch. As for physically packing, I suggest starting five days prior. You can do your laundry in that time period and make sure everything you plan on packing is clean. Plus, your stuff also won’t be sitting in your suitcase for too long before your departure. 

                  This blog post is my jumpstart for packing. With only 13 days left before I leave for my adventure in Prague, I have to get my gears churning and start a checklist so I am ready for my flight on July 5th. Wish me luck!


  1. I found packing to be so hard before leaving for London!! It was dreadful! I must have unpacked and repacked my suitcase 5 times. I kept adding or taking stuff out. I think I did pretty well with packing actually! I might have even underpacked, which is very unlike me. Underpack because you can always buy stuff wherever you go!

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  3. I guess I'm the only weird one who loves packing! I don't know why I enjoy it so much, but I never used that rolling method before, so I should try that next time. I tried choosing thinner clothes, since it takes up less space, but even then, I had to put a bunch of stuff back.