Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Media in Iceland

Media in Iceland is quite vast despite the small size of the country. RUV is the most popular television station in Iceland. It started out as a radio broadcast in the 1930s and became a television broadcast in 1966. Most of it's funding comes from advertising but also partly from a license fee which includes a commitment to promote the language and history of Iceland. Stod 2, or Channel 2, is a popular private network that shows mostly American programs but also many original Icelandic programs. After the economic "crash" in 2008, Icelandic advertising companies, especially those of television commercials, had to find inexpensive ways of creating commercials that would still sell their products. Ras 1 and Ras 2 are the most popular radio stations. The most popular newspaper in Iceland is Frettabladid and is distributed to homes for free, something that does not happen in the United States. In Iceland, there is complete freedom of speech for all broadcasting which means that there are no speech restrictions on television and much less "parental discretion" is advised. There are also no restrictions on the internet by the government.  Social media is also huge in Iceland and over 80% of people over thirteen use Facebook. Below is a link to an article on Icelandic advertising and how it has evolved lately. It includes great examples of television commercials.


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