Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Responses to Icelandic Delicacies

I was asked in response to my post on Icelandic Delicacies how they tasted and which of them I tried. I unfortunately did not get the chance to try to Puffin or the fermented shark meat. I believe the Puffin may have been "out of season" because there were almost no restaurants offering it in Reykjavik. I did, however, try Minke whale and monkfish. Both of which were extremely delicious! The whale had the texture of a very tender piece of meat and a consistency and taste similar to tender beef. I also was able to try the Icelandic hotdog topped with three sauces and crispy onions. These hot-dogs would not have been the same had they not been fully dressed. I decided while in Iceland, obviously, to not stick with being a vegetarian because of the traditional meat dishes that are served there. I went vegetarian for dietary reasons, not ethical reasons so this was not an issue for me. One comment made on my original post was a mention of being surprised that Iceland does not protect their sea life as they are so protective of the environment. Because of Iceland's location, their main source of food and income could only be fishing. Most other products, mostly produce, is imported into Iceland. While they do eat animals and sea life, Iceland treats all of these creatures very ethically and is extremely grateful for the sacrifices the animals are making in order for the local people to survive.

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