Monday, July 16, 2012

Bastille Day!

      On Saturday July 14th-Bastille Day, we had an amazing day of celebrations.
  We went to the town of Saint Guilhem Le Desert. We started the day kayaking in the river, and had a picnic on the beach. 

Next, we went to the center of Saint Guilhem Le DesertThis town was voted the second most beautiful city in France. Instantly, we were all in awe.

       Our group was among residents and other French visitors.  Everyone was relaxing, and eating outside at the various restaurants.  The streets were filled with people, yet it was so calm and tranquil. (We are still adjusting to speaking softer.)

As I wandered around this town, I was able to take some street style shots. 

 I love her retro dress/shoe choice!

 Those pants!

 A vision in cream! 

After staying the day in Le Saint Guilhem Le Desert, we came back to Montpellier for fireworks. The entire city was out celebrating in the streets. The next day, our group had a barbeque together to conclude the holiday weekend.  

Happy Bastille Day!

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