Wednesday, August 24, 2011

See you Later, London!

It's so sad, were finally leaving London and the time between London and home is getting closer.  I'm just thinking 'what do I still want to do!!'  I really wanted to go back to some of my favorite places.  Charity and vintage shops are so exhilarating to me.  I love shopping but even more, I love the hunt for that unique item (and being cheap also helps).  Oxfam has locations just about everywhere through London and they sell a mixture of second hand and vintage items.  The closest one is right around the block from our housing, so perfect!  You may not find a treasure every time but if you are determined, it's easy to stop by in passing.   Right across the street is another charity shop, Fara.  I've personally found my better items from here at great prices including brands such as Chloe, Dolce and Gabbana, and Prada.  Their men's selection is also quite decent.  The secret to these shops is to go to ones located in affluent areas such a Kensington and Chelsea because the people donating the clothing will most likely be more brand conscious keep things in better condition.

Being located so close to Hyde Park, it would be a waste to not enjoy it to the fullest!  We had already biked through the park a few times on the Barclays bikes available at kiosks throughout London so the paddle boats were next!  Four of us ventured off on a beautiful day.  I think it is better to have more than two people in the boat in case you get tired.  It was quite relaxing.

We also went to Borough Street Market during the week which has become one of my top ten places to go to in London!  I had almost wished I had gone earlier although I know that would mean I probably would have over eaten much more.  There was fresh produce, meats and cheeses, olive oil galore and tons pre-made goodies. 

Borough Street Market

Borough Street Market
I got a really yummy quiche lorraine tart and acai smoothie, and cheesecake to bring home.  If you want a new place to do your grocery shopping you can definitely pick up a few meals here!

London has been the most amazing experience.  When I go through my pictures, I'm amazed off all I have done in ten weeks.  I have learned so much about other cultures which I feel has given me a greater global perspective and will only enhance my skills in whatever career I take on.  I'm really encouraged now to look beyond the New York area for jobs after graduation and give everywhere and everything  a chance.

Thank you London!
 xoxo  Emily!

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