Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a the tourist geothermal spa in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwestern Iceland. We went on our last day in Iceland, and it was way more different that I expected. I wouldn't say I am a germaphoebe but I love hand sanitizer. I am also not a big swimmer. Me + Water aren't really friends. I would choose a shower over a bath any day. I just want to give you all a heads up about who I am before I tell you about my experiences at the Blue Lagoon.

It was not the nicest day out and knowing that I was about to be half naked in the 50 degree weatehr didn't put my in the best mood. Also knowing I was about to be showering naked in front of total strangers was was a very out of comfort zone experiences for me. Before entering the Blue Lagoon you have to shower naked and get rid of all dirt and make up on your body. This was comforting knowing I was going to be in a a large body of water with a group of strangers. Luckily for us self conscious Americans they did have private showers!

Laura, Ashley, asd Myself quickly ran towards to Lagoon and it was much different then i could ever had expected. A large body of a thick creamy water surrounded by lava rocks. This place was defiantly way cooler then I imagined. We basically ran in due to the pure excitement of it all, and the fact that we were freezing. After awkwardly getting used to the water we put on a face mask provided by the Lagoon. This place is not the best place for germaphies since people are using there hands to get the masks out of communal bins and washing their faces in the water. But hey WHEN IN ICELAND DO WHAT THE TOURISTS DUE!
Icelanders don't really go to the Blue Lagoon and have smaller geothermic spas locally in neighborhoods.

After getting used to the people, it was a lot of fun. The only part that made it weird was the House Music and gamers everywhere due to a conference that was happening that week in Iceland. Overall we all had a lot of fun trying something new! It was a nice end to the trip. It was an awesome way to relax, and have a little spa relaxation during our spring break!

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