Tuesday, August 3, 2010

České Jídlo (Czech Food!)

After living in Prague for about three weeks I have finally grown accustomed to the Czech cuisine. I was a little nervous about the dietary habits here. Being a picky eater and reluctant to try new foods does not make the dining situation much better either. It has been an adjustment eating new foods, but I have tried some really delicious meals from an assortment of different places.

Breakfast is included with the housing fee we pay for in the program. We are given tickets that are worth 100 Krowns (about $5) to use in the cafeteria located in the dormitory. It is pretty low-key and comes with limited selections, but there usually is yogurt, bread, some pastries, coffee and juice. You also have the option of ordering scrambled eggs or an omelet. Meat and cheese is a common staple item for breakfast in Europe. I personally could never eat meat in the morning, but some of my friends now enjoy eating bologna and cheese sandwiches for breakfast.

The Czech diet as a whole is heavily concentrated on starches and meat. Ham, beef and sausage are the most common meats in most dishes. Sometimes you can find poultry items on a menu such as chicken and duck. Most dishes usually come with a side of potato or bread dumplings. I have tried both forms of dumplings at a few different dining establishments and they are really great addition to the main entrée. Soup is also a common item to order at a pub, and it usually comes in a large bowl of bread.

Typical Czech Dish called Goulash

I have personally found it difficult to find fruits and vegetables in Prague, both in a restaurant as well as on my own. Salads generally are not an option on the menu. If by chance you are given a side salad, it usually consists of a little lettuce with a lot of toppings (cucumbers, peppers, beets etc). Fruit is most commonly on the dessert menu, either in crepes or fruit dumplings. There is a small fruit market near the school where I will get apples, but the fruit in general can be a bit pricey to purchase and not always that fresh.

All in all, the food in Prague is pretty good. I have grown to love their dish called Smažený sýr (fried cheese), and I do love all the desserts and gelato! I will surely miss the fruit crepes when I am back in America.

Smažený sýr and Potatos

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